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Welcome to my world

I'm a engineer at heart. businessman at work, family man at home and hopefully soon a politician.

I've been developing MacOS software since 1984, and Unix Software since A/UX 1.0 somewhere in the early 90ties. Today most of my work runs around mobile networks from GSM to 4G. I'm heavily involved in telecommunications in Iceland and Switzerland and even have a substantial project in Mongolia.

As a secondary area of interest, I'm developing software on IOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).

I'm a licensed amateur radio operator with the callsigns HB9DWF and TF3EN. I'm involved in the interest group for digital voice IGDV (callsign HB9DV).

I'm a member of the pirate party in the secion of Basel where I live 

My company DataCell operates a datacenter in Reykjavik, Iceland and has been the credit card processor of Wikileaks in 2010 with all kinds of consequences  [1] [2] [3]

My company Icell operates a wireless network in the rural areas of Iceland.

My company SMSRelay AG operates SMS services and developed solutions for operators.

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